We are very proud and humbled to have been awarded many accolades in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in our time and have founded and ran many global companies.

That journey has given us a unique insight into what it takes to get an idea off the ground and into commercial success. We firmly believe there are great ideas in all of us but sadly some never make it, not due to effort or the technology but all too often due to lack of funds. At GCC we decided to be a technology incubator that helps bring ideas to life. Whether it is our idea or someone else’s that has not yet reached the market, we will do the needful to commercialize it.

We are now working with several companies and individuals where we bring facilities, market access, experience and if necessary have our R&D team design and build the end product. We are not a Venture Capitalist, we are technology innovators and technology incubators that partner with you to bring your ideas or product to the market.

Should you wish us to evaluate your opportunity in confidence then please feel free to contact us.