Q Seal – Water

We all know the value of water and its vital part in today’s society. We take it for granted that when we turn on the tap water flows freely. What we maybe don’t know is the cost of producing clean drinking water and that a huge majority of the water leaks undetected under the ground.

In the MENA region huge, costly desalination plants work relentlessly to fuel the needs of a growing population water demand where much of this end product is wasted through leaking infrastructure.

The traditional method of attempting to fix water leaks is to dig up roads and try and find the leak incurring huge costs, logistics and impact on people’s lives.

At GCC we have evolved our Q-Seal technologies to provide a safe and proven solution to reducing water leakage, thereby providing huge cost savings, reduced water wastage whilst equally providing a positive impact to the environment.

Our vision is bold, to stop water wastage…we invite you to support us on this campaign and together we can all make a difference to our planet.