Q Seal – Wellhead

Q-Seal Wellhead Hanger Seal is an engineered solution to address the problem of tubing and casing hanger leaks, without requiring well intervention, and with no risk. Q-Seal Wellhead Hanger Sealant consists of a matrix of sealing micro-particles distributed within an inert viscous matrix. The product is injected into the hanger test cavity where it migrates to, and seals, the leak site. Q-Seal technology is the product of extensive development and testing. Each well application is individually investigated to ensure that the solution is appropriate to the leak mechanism, and delivered in the most effective manner.


Q-Seal Wellhead Hanger Sealant does not cure or set-up to seal – it remains in its original state throughout the life of the wellhead, so does not negatively impact access to well test cavities, or future intervention options. The sealing mechanism is the result of mechanical pack-off of the independent sealing particles contained within the carrier matrix to rebuild the original seal. As the body of the material remains in its original state, as soon as the leak is fixed, any surplus matrix remains in the cavity, with the remaining particles dispersed in suspension behind the original leak site. Should the leak aperture increase, or a new leak occur, more material is carried into the new or reopened leak to reinforce the seal. As soon as the seal is effective, the carrier again ceases to move and remains ready to repeat the process as soon as a new leak path appears.


Q-Seal Wellhead Hanger Sealant can be used to fix any wellhead seal leak where an injection point exists on the high-pressure side of the leaking seal and provides a non-disruptive and intervention-less solution for wellhead casing and tubing hanger seals. The product has even been used to successfully repair wellhead spool gaskets. It has restored integrity in production and injection wells, including gas lift producers. Gulf Core Completions’ team of technical specialists carefully evaluate each wellhead leak challenge to determine where and how Q-Seal can be effectively deployed as a solution.