Asset integrity

Q-Seal™ repairs leaking water distribution networks and oilfield surface, sub-surface, and wellhead systems, without the need to isolate or open up the equipment to be repaired, quickly turning downtime into revenue producing uptime. The fast and simple installation allows network distribution losses to be quickly eliminated, shut-in wells to be brought back on-line, and wells under dispensation to be fully reinstated. No interruption to planned work flow. No need to wait on expensive and long-lead work-over equipment.

The system delivers a fast-response, low risk, integrity reinstatement that has no negative impact on future operations.

Q-Seal is a mechanical analogy of the self-healing properties of the human blood system. You cut your finger, it bleeds, the wound seals and develops new skin. Q-Seal works to the same principle. Sealing particles are introduced into the system by being either directly added to the fluid normally contained within the system, or in their own viscous carrier matrix. As fluid is lost at the leak site, the particles are carried with it, and mechanically pack off to seal the leak. The product does not solidify, or set-up when sealing – it remains in its original state irrespective of pressure, temperature, or time effects. This feature means the reservoir of Q-Seal remaining after the seal is repaired remains mobile and able to repeat the sealing process should there be another leak in the system.