With extensive experience designing, developing, branding, commercializing, operating and running technology companies from small start-ups to multinational companies with revenues in billions of dollars we are actively engaged by many companies asking for assistance and cooperation.

We began providing consulting advice on markets, business, technology innovation, and strategy. Consequently, this led to us being asked to develop new innovative technologies for clients, that we then provide, or where the client would then own the technology including the intellectual property. This approach has also seen us leading the first sales initiatives and branding on behalf of our clients to ensure a fast entry to the market.

What began as helping with advice has grown into a turnkey offering to small and big companies where our entrepreneurial thinking challenges the conventional. We have found new applications for client’s old technology, invented new technologies for new markets and with our own supply chain can also procure, assemble, manufacture, test and qualify, store and more.

Our Clients have confirmed that the time it takes us to develop and/ or market newly developed products is, typically, 30% to 70% faster than if they did it internally meaning the product gets to market faster and all done at a fraction of the cost of their own internal budgets.

Should you have a project you would like us to consider then please feel free to get in

We are very proud to call ourselves strategic partners to clients building long-term relationships with real value.