As a founder of Gulf Core Concepts (GCC), my aim is to ensure GCC maintains its philosophy of providing the client with what they need and not what we have from a generic product catalogue.

We listen to our clients and work with them in partnership to guide and deliver end solutions. Equally, we ensure we do this responsibly, safely and to the highest quality standards, locally in country of the client and not as an agent or trying to provide products with support from overseas.

Today we are very proud to be working in the Oil & Gas and Utilities markets delivering product solutions in the field of asset management. We have a strong research and development division and are actively developing new disruptive technologies in the fields of drilling, completions, and production.

Our vision is to be recognized as one of the leading innovators in the MENA region where we develop, manufacture and support locally in a country.

Should you wish to learn more or have us evaluate your situation then please feel free to contact us.


GCC’s driving force is to develop leading innovative product solution that must make or save our clients’ money and that are invented and serviced locally by local people in the GCC/ MENA region.

The leadership team has extensive experience innovating new technologies and building those technologies into successful service companies worldwide.

We believe the traditional model of western technologies supported through local agents does not give the client the service and relationship they deserve so GCC set out to empower the client to have a choice by choosing locally invented, locally manufactured and locally serviced solutions for the client’s local needs all tested and qualified to the highest standards.

Led by a multinational entrepreneurial team head quartered in Dubai with supporting facilities in Abu Dhabi, throughout GCC, UK and USA we set up locally in every country we operate in to ensure local content with local service available 24/7.

Our team of engineers and management are local so no need to fly in to solve our client’s needs.

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GCC is a leading developer and product solutions provider of asset integrity solutions for Oil & Gas wells, valves and wellheads and utilities and water networks and pipelines.

GCC is also developing its own technology in strategic markets of drilling, completion, and production.

With a strong research and development commitment, combined with a commercially astute leadership team, GCC also provides consultancy services where we undertake to develop products specific to client requests whether they be the one off to solve a specific need or a full suite of technology to the client’s strategic road map.

There are four drivers to our business

Well Integrity Solutions – Fixing leaking assets in Oil & Gas and water.

Drilling & Completion Solutions – Providing new disruptive solutions.

R&D / Consulting – Providing strategic technical or commercial assistance.

Investment – Empowering new ideas.

What Do You Need ?

We have developed many downhole, topsides and utilities technologies over the years creating many new technologies and over 50 patents.

Our experience covers the life cycle of the well from well architecture, drilling, completions, production through to asset integrity and abandonment. Beyond the managerial experience of building internationally companies our core team have scientific backgrounds in BioMechanics, Mechanical, Electronics, Fluids through to complex Communication and Sensors